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In this section there are photos of the various efforts Ichinoseki City is making to bring the ILC to fruition, of local events the city’s international residents enjoyed, and so on. Please scroll down and take a look, or click on the links below to jump to a particular item. The smaller photos enlarge if you click on them.

ILC discussion and games in Daito, December 13

Residents of Ohzumi in the town of Daito organized a get-together to hear about the ILC and internationalization in Ichinoseki. Some 40 residents, including 10 elementary and junior high school students, attended the event which started with an introductory video about the ILC, after which Nate Hill of the ILC Promotion Division and supporters of internationalization used slides to talk about examples of efforts to make Ichinoseki a more international city. After the slideshow, there were games with the kids, and then everyone ate “ILC Soba” noodles made locally.

English play performed at Tohoku University, November 28

Students and Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) in Ichinoseki travelled down to Tohoku University in Sendai to perform a play in English based on the life of Takebe Seian - a doctor who lived in Ichinoseki in the mid-17th century and whose publications saved many people from famine.

The play, organized by the Yamanome Civic Center in central Ichinoseki,was performed in front of university exchange students, who organized games and presentations of their own about their home countries.

ILC workshop at the National Institute of Technology, November 16

Nate Hill of the ILC Promotion Division was invited to take part in a workshop held by the international exchange club at the National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College. Students presented on why they learn English, after which Nate spoke about the ILC. A reporter from the Iwate Nippo newspaper also attended; a translation of the subsequent article is below.

“Rising expectation, in English: chatting with the city’s internationalization coordinator” (article from the Iwate Nippo, page 20, Wednesday, November 18, 2015)

Nate Hill, a 38 year-old Australian working in Ichinoseki City’s ILC Promotion Division as Internationalization Coordinator for the city, took part in a workshop held on Monday by the international exchange club at the Ichinoseki College of the National Institute of Technology, where he offered advice about learning English and spoke about the International Linear Collider (ILC).

About 10 students from the international exchange club attended the workshop where they presented in English on why they learn the language, after which Nate asked questions and provided advice. The students spoke mostly in English and were pro-active in speaking up.

Nate presented in the second half of the workshop and when students were asked about their impressions of the ILC, students used words like industry and hopeful, and Nate said: “it’s something which has a lot of potential to create new industries, and is a good opportunity for Iwate Prefecture and the Tohoku region.”

The international exchange club will hold another workshop in English about the ILC next month.

Photo: Nate Hill (center, rear) chatting with students from the international exchange club

Third ‘Ichinoseki Science Cafe’ held, November 15

The third “Ichinoseki Science Cafe” for this fiscal year was held at the city library, this time presented by Associate Professor Tomoyuki Sanuki of the Department of Physics at Tohoku University. Some 30 people attended, learning more about the Kitakami candidate ILC site and recent developments.

The next link is of an article by Japan Today which outlines the topics covered on the day and introduces the ILC in general.

New ILC banner up at the city office, October 28

A new ILC banner was hung on the front wall of the city office in late October. The banner says “Let’s Bring the ILC to Tohoku” above a similar slogan in Japanese; features Ichinoseki’s ILC logo on the left with an I for Innovation added to it; and there is an image of the ILC tunnel by Rey Hori on the right. Hung from the fifth floor of the city office, the banner can also be seen from various spots nearby in the city.

The new banner was featured in the Oct 29 issue of “LC Newsline” – the newsletter of the Linear Collider Community – and can be seen here:

PR at the hot air balloon festival, October 10-11

An ILC booth was set up at the Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015, where supporters of internationalization in Ichinoseki (Assistant Language Teachers) helped promote the ILC, handing out ILC balloons and chatting with festival spectators.

Volume 14 of ILC News out, September 28

The ILC Promotion Division in Ichinoseki publishes a quarterly newsletter called ILC News, which features news of ILC-related events and developments in the city and the region. It is distributed to every household in the city, and is also available online. English translations of issues from this fiscal year can be seen here.

First issue of “Kitakami Times” out, September 18

The first issue of a new publication in English called the Kitakami Times was made available on the Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council’s website. The online magazine covers the efforts being made in Ichinoseki, Oshu and wider Iwate to bring the ILC to fruition. The first issue and subsequent issues can be seen at the following link

New support for internationalization in Ichinoseki, September 17

The ILC Promotion Division in Ichinoseki started a system to help make Ichinoseki a more international city, with the help of the city’s Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). Ten ALTs registered and provided advice at a meeting in the city office, regarding issues faced while living in Ichinoseki, and suggestions for the future. The ALTs will also help further awareness of the ILC at various events in the city.

ILC models strut their stuff at the Citizens Fair, August 23

A handful of the city’s Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) staffed an ILC booth set up at the Ichinoseki Citizens Fair, and local mascots joined in on the fun. In the afternoon, the ALTs took part in the model show, sporting ILC T-shirts the city has made.

Helping out at the sumo tournament in Ichinoseki, August 17

The sumo summer tour came to Ichinoseki, and international residents of Akita, Iwate and Miyagi prefectures gathered in Ichinoseki not only to watch the action, but also to help with preparation for the day and with PR for the International Linear Collider (ILC) project.

ILC shrine at the Ichinoseki Summer Festival, August 9

Kids from Yamanome in central Ichinoseki took part in the Ichinoseki Summer Festival on Sunday, carrying through town a hand-made shrine with ILC-themed posters on its sides. The shrine and posters were made as part of an ongoing project in which the Yamanome kids are showing Ichinoseki to the world. More details on the project can be seen in the June 13 entry below.

"Science Cafe" at the library, August 2

The first "Ichinoseki Science Cafe" for this fiscal year was held at the city library, this time presented by Ms Yuki Akimoto, Illustrator and Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Science. Titled “Elementary particles and the universe seen through the ILC,” Ms Akimoto spoke about particle science and the significance of the ILC in front of some 20 people, including elementary, junior high and high school students.”

Junior high school kids at summer English camp, July 29-31

50 second-grade junior high students spent three days at an English camp in the west of the city. Below is a translation of the Iwate Nichinichi article about it.

Summer of growth and new encounters

The “English Forest Camp” for 2015 is underway at the Ichinoseki Kenko no Mori recreational facility in Genbi. Organized by Ichinoseki City and its Board of Education, the camp began on the 29th and goes for two nights, three days. The junior high school students taking part are becoming more familiar with English and getting to know each other through communal living.

The camp is part of efforts being made to bring the International Linear Collider (ILC) project to fruition, by improving students’ English ability and fostering independence and responsibility. This year is the second year the camp is being held, with 52 second-grade junior high school students from throughout the city taking part. The students are furthering their interest in other cultures by listening to Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) talk about cultural differences, enjoying quizzes, and so on.

On July 30, students took part in group work aimed at conveying the attractions of Ichinoseki City in English to kids their own age from other countries. Nathan Hill, Internationalization Coordinator for Ichinoseki City, spoke to the students, saying: “There are many great sightseeing spots and events in Ichinoseki.” Students formed groups with their classmates and made posters featuring local spots and events, before presenting in front of everyone.

While some students struggled with pronunciation, Mochi cousine, the Ichinoseki Summer Festival and Geibikei Gorge were a few of the various attractions introduced, before the audience was encouraged to visit the areas.

Ai Takinosawa, a student at Sakuramachi Junior High, said: “I don’t usually get the chance to spend a whole day communicating in English, so it’s a good experience. I felt the importance of being pro-active through the activities, and I want to do my best to understand English.”

Kenzo Sato, Instructor for Lifelong Education, said: “This camp is one way to raise people who will lead their region in the future. I hope their experiences here further their interest in English.”

Students will perform skits in English based on Japanese folk tales on the third and final day of camp.

Wearing "yukata" at a summer festival, July 25

International residents wore "yukata," or light summer kimono, to take part in the Senmaya Summer Festival in the east of the city, a festival famous for its many colorful floats.

First edition of "VOICE" issued, July 22

The first edition of "VOICE" - a new publication by Ichinoseki's Board of Education - was released and sent to schools in the city. The first edition includes introductions of the city's Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and notice of the "Science Cafes" which this ILC Promotion Division runs. Please take a look.
"VOICE" Vol.1

Ichinoseki City employees visit KEK, July 8 and 10

Employees of Ichinoseki City including those from the ILC Promotion Division took part in a visit to KEK in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

"Koto" show in a hydrangea garden, July 5

A koto performance was held at the Michinoku Hydrangea Garden as part of the hydrangea festival being held until the end of the month.

Australian high school kids visit Ichinoseki, July 3

High school kids from Ichinoseki’s sister city in Australia, the Central Highlands Regional Council, came to Ichinoseki and made a courtesy visit to Mayor Osamu Katsube.

ILC symposium in Morioka, July 2

Iwate Prefectural University president Atsuto Suzuki, Iwate University president Akira Iwabuchi, and Asahi Newspaper editor Mariko Takahashi spoke at an ILC symposium held in Morioka.

Mayor presents to elementary school kids, July 1

Mayor Osamu Katsube gave a presentation titled “Very large things and very small things” at Iwashimizu Elementary School today as part of his exchange with residents in various areas of the city.

The mayor showed slides starting from the very large scale of the universe and zoomed in to the very small scale of fundamental particles, before explaining how the ILC would work and talking about the various job opportunities that would be created by such a research facility, using the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland as an example.

26 students from the fourth, fifth and sixth grades attended and many asked questions afterwards, such as “Is there enough money to build the ILC?”, “Which country will build the detectors to be installed at the collision point?”, “How will the tunnel underground be built?” “What will be done with all the rocks and earth that will be dug out when making the tunnel?”, and the mayor answered each of which in a way that was easy to understand.

Carrying a shrine through town, June 13

ALTs took part in carrying the portable shrine at June’s Senmaya Night Fair.

ILC seminar at a civic center, June 13

An ILC seminar was held at the Yamanome Civic Center on June 13 as part of the “Yamanome Kids ILC Design Class”. A translation is below of the Iwate Nichinichi newspaper article published the next day.

"Our time to show Ichinoseki to the world" Learning about the ILC and realizing one’s role

(Sunday, June 14, 2015, Iwate Nichinichi newspaper, page 15)

Elementary school students, their parents and others deepened their interest in international society on Saturday by learning about the International Linear Collider (ILC) at the “Yamanome Kids ILC Design Class,” organized by residents of the fifth district of Yamanome (headed by Mr Hideki Nasu) in Ichinoseki City.

The event, attended by some 50 people in total, was held for children to develop an international perspective while learning more about the ILC, and made use of a project subsidized by the city.

Nathan Hill, from Australia and working as Internationalization Coordinator for Ichinoseki City, was invited to speak in the morning session held at the Yamanome Civic Center, where the kids enjoyed playing a game in English and watched a video about the ILC.

Nathan showed photos of international residents in Ichinoseki taking part in rice field planting and trying the taiko drums, saying: “I want you to be close to foreigners. When you study English in the future, be sure to let people around the world know about Ichinoseki.”

Mina Onodera, sixth grade student at Yamanome Elementary, said: “If the ILC comes to Iwate, many foreigners will come. I want to speak in English a lot,” expressing her desire to communicate with foreigners.

In the afternoon, participants went to the Oshu Space and Astronomy Museum in Mizusawa Ward of Oshu City and learnt about the beginnings of the universe.

Participants are scheduled to take part in drawing pictures and creating slogans related to the ILC, which will then be used to make a signboard and get the community involved in supporting the ILC. Mr Nasu said: “I hope this district can be of support through this project.”

Photo: Children become more interested in international society at the “Yamanome Kids ILC Design Class”

Learning how to make sushi, June 7

ALTs from Ichinoseki, Hiraizumi and Kesennuma learned how to make sushi at a community center in Kesennuma. It was the first time for many participants, and everyone had a great time while trying their hand at making sushi.

ILC seminar by the "Iwate Nippou" newspaper, June 5

An ILC seminar was held in the morning by the Iwate Nippou newspaper for first grade students at Hanaizumi Junior High School. Students discussed whether they wanted the ILC to come to this region, if it came how they would like to get involved, how they would promote local attractions, finishing with presenting to the class.

Talking about tourism, June 5

In the evening, a seminar was held in the town of Senmaya by a local association concerned with community development. Nathan Hill, Internationalization Coordinator for Ichinoseki City, presented at the seminar and spoke about the need for more information aimed at foreigners and opportunities to meet them, making use of the town’s festivals and tourism resources.

Taking part in rice field planting, May 31

Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi ALTs took part in rice field planting at Honedera Village Estate. For more information on the Honedera Village Estate, see the brochure at the following link.

Below is a translation of the above Iwate Nippo article, printed June 4 and written by Ms Risa Sasaki.

Rural exchange, certain fruition

The Honedera Village Estate Site in the town of Genbi in Ichinoseki City sits at the foot of a Mount Kurikoma with snow remaining on its peak. The irregularly-shaped rice paddies in this region, which spread out and used to belong to the Sutra Repository of Chusonji Temple in neighboring Hiraizumi, convey a rural landscape typical of medieval times to this present day.

At the end of May, a rice field planting experience was held by a local community association in Hondera. 233 people took part, the most in the event’s 11 year history, including rice field owners as well as students from various parts of Iwate Prefecture.

It was the city’s Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) who attracted the most attention though, as they wore traditional attire and woven hats in their first foray into a rice field, bare feet but guided by local farmers.

While conversation wasn’t perfect, they also used gestures and body language to communicate, and their smiling faces made an impression. An American ALT who had recently arrived in Japan indicated he was looking forward to life in Iwate when he said: “It was a lot of fun. I want to climb Mount Murone and visit various other places in Iwate too.”

Efforts are being made to have the Honedera Village Estate Site added to the registration of Hiraizumi’s world-heritage cultural sites. The rice field planting experience, which began as an event for exchange between people in central, urbanized areas and people in the countryside, has expanded to include international exchange. Ms Yukiko Nishi, curator at the Honedera Village Estate Community Hall, said: “I feel we have taken a step closer towards registration.”

The ALTs also said they wanted to take part in the harvesting of the fields in autumn. Their willingness to get involved with the community is appreciated and welcome, and their exchange with local residents should provide a big boost to the area’s inclusion as a world-heritage site.

Matcha green tea at Geibi Gorge, May 17

Matcha green tea is whisked and served as the new green foliage of spring floats by at Geibi Gorge. Click here for an English brochure on Geibi Gorge

The top two photos were used by Japan Today for their “Pic of the Day” on May 17. See the below archived link.

Renting go-karts in world-heritage Hiraizumi, April 29

Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi ALTs went on a tour of Chusonji Temple. Click here for information in English at Chusonji Temple’s official website.
Afterwards they rented go-karts and had a blast driving around town.

PR staff from labs around the world visit Ichinoseki, April 23

Public relations staff from particle physics institutes around the world came to Ichinoseki and Kesennuma as part of their visit to the Kitakami Highlands ILC candidate site.

Marking the 125th anniversary of Ichinoseki station, April 18

An event was held outside JR Ichinoseki station to mark the 125th anniversary since its opening.

Trying one's hand at gateball, March 27

A couple of Ichinoseki ALTs try their hand at gateball at the Yasakae Civic Center.