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ILCNews vol.20 Mar 2017

Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS) 2016

Researchers at the opening ceremony

LCWS 2016 - an international workshop on future linear particle colliders – was held in Morioka City from December 5 to 9, attended by some 350 researchers, technicians and others from Japan and around the world to discuss the latest research findings.

Checking out displays at the
Ohara Civic Center

Mr Takeo Kawamura, a member of the House of Representatives and chairman of the nonpartisan Federation of Diet Members for the ILC, gave the keynote speech at the opening ceremony, saying “it is Japan who should bring the world together through science – what we could call the common language and culture of mankind. Send out a message from Japan of “Science First” and connect the world through science. One symbol of that is the International Linear Collider.”

Introducing the mochi culture of Ichinoseki

Presentations and discussions held during the week concerned technical issues in realizing the ILC, the structure of international cooperation, “staging” or expansion of the ILC facility in stages, and cost reduction.

Events held in conjunction throughout the week included the “All Iwate Fair” which introduced sightseeing spots, food, history and culture in Iwate Prefecture; an exhibition and information session held by local companies; and an evening for junior high and high school students to chat with researchers from abroad.

Ms Akari Kita, a second grade student at Maikawa Junior High School, took part in the chat with researchers, hearing about physics and the universe. Ms Kotomi Sato, a second grade student at Hanaizumi Junior High School who is taking part in the “Iwate ILC 2030 Project” run by the Iwate Nippo newspaper, made a presentation to researchers about what the project had involved to date, including a site visit to Geneva in Switzerland last August.

About 100 LCWS participants joined a tour on the final day to the vicinity of the ILC candidate site, in the town of Daito in Ichinoseki’s northeast. Participants stopped at the Ohara Civic Center to look at samples of granite taken from the Kitakami Mountains, a 3D map of the proposed ILC route, panels introducing local sightseeing spots and events, and ILC-themed posters made by children.

Throughout the week, participants from Japan and abroad learned about the current state of the Kitakami candidate site, and saw for themselves the area’s attractions and local enthusiasm for the ILC.

Group shot of researchers participating in LCWS

ILC symposium during LCWS

Mayor Osamu Katsube speaking
at the symposium

A symposium organized by the Iwate Prefecture ILC Promotion Council and other bodies was held in Morioka City on December 6, attended by some 400 local residents and people in business or government.

Dr Atsuto Suzuki, president of Iwate Prefectural University, spoke about the current state of the ILC project and the impact it would have on the region, and emphasized its significance saying “it’s not just building an international city, it’s equivalent to building a new country.”

A panel discussion followed about the future of the region with the ILC. Dr Masakazu Yoshioka, Visiting Professor at Tohoku University and Iwate University, chaired the discussion and on the panel were Mr Osamu Katsube, mayor of Ichinoseki City; Mr Masaki Ozawa, mayor of Oshu City; Mr Mitsuhiko Sato, deputy mayor of Morioka City; Mr Ikuo Akagawa, deputy mayor of Kesennuma City; and Mr Hisashi Odaira, head of Iwate Prefecture’s Department of Policy and Regional Affairs.

Mayor Osamu Katsube talked about connecting the ILC with the agricultural industry and creating expectation for local farmers, mentioning the growing of vegetables for researchers from abroad and the use of local produce in menus at campus restaurants. He also referred to how world heritage sites in Hiraizumi could be utilized, the necessity of plans for development in surrounding areas, and said “we have to break out from a state of waiting and hoping the ILC will come, determine where we should act and proceed forward.”

Seminar on technology used in the ILC

Mr Ohtsuka presenting at the seminar

A seminar on technology related to the ILC was held by Ichinoseki City on February 3 at Hotel Sunroute Ichinoseki, and attended by some 50 people from in and out of the city.

Mr Michio Ohtsuka, CEO of Ohtsuka Inc. in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, presented in the first half of the seminar about what’s required to enter the particle accelerator industry, and how to be part of ILC business. Mr Otsuka talked about how he came to be involved in the industry, what researchers expect of businesses, and emphasized there would be chances for local businesses in various fields to get involved with the ILC if it is built.

Mr Takuma Nihira, Managing Director of Penguin System Co., Ltd. and chair of the Ibaraki R&D Association, presented in the second half of the seminar with a title of “The difficulties and joys of supporting research and development.” Mr Nihira spoke about his own experiences of difficulties in R&D, but also the joys of supporting researchers dreaming of Nobel Prizes.

“Karuta”competition heats up

Kids competing to grab “karuta” cards

Fourteen kids from Sarusawa Elementary School took part in an ILC “karuta” card tournament on January 26 held at the Sarusawa Civic Center. It was the second round of after-school ILC karuta competition; the first round having been held in September last year. The kids started off in two groups and the competition heated up, with winners in the qualifying round going on to the final.

Sets of ILC “karuta” cards - a popular game in Japan where people race to grab a card that has been called out - have been distributed to elementary schools in Ichinoseki City, after-school clubs, civic centers and so on, to have kids enjoy learning about the ILC.

Kids try their hand at ILC posters

Ms Hina Sasaki’s winning poster

An award ceremony was held on January 22 at the Oshu City Cultural Hall (Z Hall) for winners of the ILC poster contest run by the Southern Regional Development Bureau of the Iwate Prefectural Government.

It is the second year the contest for elementary school students has been held. It is separated into two categories: one for students in grades one to three, and another for students in grades four to six. Of the 264 posters submitted this year, 98 were from six schools in Ichinoseki City, with 50 entries from the lower grades and 48 entries from the upper grades. Hina Sasaki, a girl in the third grade at Ohara Elementary School, received a prize for her entry titled “The ILC in a future Iwate.”

High school students chat with the mayor

Third-year students at Ichinoseki Daiichi Senior High School, Hironobu Asari and Ryota Konno, paid a visit to mayor Osamu Katsube on January 16 to chat about the ILC.

Hironobu Asari, who aims to become a doctor, said “the ILC is key to the development of Iwate and the Tohoku region. We want to be of help in making it happen.” Ryota Konno said “it’s my dream to become a researcher of elementary particle physics. I want to work at the ILC if possible.”

Mayor Katsube said “it’s encouraging seeing your efforts to bring the ILC here,” and pledged to continue the exchange with the students.

Learning English on the street

The Matsukawa Civic Center installed a sign outside Iwanoshita station on the JR Ofunato Line with information in Japanese and English about local sightseeing spots and facilities, as part of efforts to make the region more international in anticipation of the ILC coming.

On January 29, Nate Hill, working in the ILC Promotion Division as Internationalization Coordinator for Ichinoseki City, chatted with eight kids from a children’s club in Matsukawa, and taught them how to pronounce words on the sign in English. Ms Miyu Ito, head of the children’s club, said: “it was good we were able to learn how to say the names in English.”

Other news

110 million yen for the ILC in the 2017 draft budget

110 million yen has been allocated for the ILC project in the federal draft budget for the 2017 fiscal year. The figure, for expenses incurred in development of technology and planning, represents an increase of 30 million yen on the previous year.

50 million yen has been allocated for expenses incurred in the development of better performing accelerator technology and reductions in the size and cost of parts. This sum allocated is the same as the previous year. 60 million yen has been allocated for risk analysis pertaining to a large-scale international accelerator project. This sum allocated is double the amount of the previous year.

Sixth meeting by panel of experts

A panel of experts formed to discuss hosting the ILC and chaired by Mr Shinichi Hirano, Professor Emeritus at Nagoya University, held their sixth meeting on February 1. The panel summarized matters deliberated to date, discussed matters moving forward, and established a fourth working group to consider the management structure for an international research organization and how it would be run.

High school students chat with the governor

A discussion about the ILC between Mr Takuya Tasso - the governor of Iwate Prefecture, high school students and people in tourism and the manufacturing industry was held at the Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center on January 17. Two students in the second grade at Ichinoseki Daiichi Senior High School – Ms Akari Chiba and Mr Souta Chiba – took part and expressed their opinions on the importance of science and fundamental research.

Third Science Café for this fiscal year

The third “Ichinoseki Science Cafe” for the 20 16 fiscal year was held on November 25 in Senmaya in the east of Ichinoseki City. Associate Professor Tomoyuki Sanuki of the Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science at Tohoku University, presented with a title of “Towards realizing the ILC”. The session was attended by 41 people of various ages, including junior high and high school students.

Third ILC Technology Seminar

The third ILC Technology Seminar organized by the Iwate Accelerator Industry Research Group was held at the Ichinoseki Cultural Hall on January 12, and attended by some 100 people from the manufacturing industry, research organizations and government in Iwate Prefecture. Three researchers from the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (also known as KEK) presented in detail about high voltage radio wave technology which would be used in the ILC’s superconducting radio-frequency cavities.

Mayor Katsube speaks to Kurihara City employees

Mayor Osamu Katsube spoke to about 150 city employees in neighboring Kurihara City in Miyagi Prefecture on January 20, about efforts being made to bring the ILC to fruition. The talk, titled “Developing Ichinoseki with an eye to the world,” was held as part of a collaboration between Ichinoseki City, Hiraizumi Town, Kurihara City and Tome City (also in Miyagi Prefecture).

Ichinoseki Lives Cosmopolitan (introduction of international residents in Ichinoseki)

While working on making the ILC a reality, Ichinoseki is working on making itself a more international city. Here, we introduce international residents active in Ichinoseki. This time it’s Marqui McKenzie from Washington D.C. in the U.S., who lives in Senmaya in Ichinoseki City’s east and teaches English at elementary and junior high schools.

Q: What are your interests?
A: I like film, photography, Japanese language and culture, and music. I DJ about once a month in Senmaya, and have also played sets on an island in neighboring Kesennuma City.
Q: What do you like about Ichinoseki?
A: Ichinoseki is a beautiful place with a lot of nature. There is a great view from the top of Mount Murone. Everyone in Ichinoseki is friendly and I like living here.
Q: What do you think about children’s English education?
A: It would be good if there were more chances for children to interact with foreigners. I think it’s important to learn about different cultures, and if people are interested in other cultures, they may be more motivated to learn another language.
Q: Lastly, a word on making the ILC a reality.
A: I think if many people are aware of how the ILC would benefit the region, it will happen. I’ve helped out at ILC events and so on, and want to continue taking part. Come and hang out!


Holding seminars about the ILC

Ichinoseki City can send city employees to seminars and other gatherings to talk about the ILC, and also assist in arranging talks by staff from the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, or the ILC Caravan run by Iwate Prefecture.


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