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ILCNews vol.28 Mar 2019

What will we do in Ichinoseki a decade on?

Two Hundred first-grade students of Ichinoseki Daini High School participated in a three part lesson which included lectures and group discussions on the future of the city “What will we be doing in Ichinoseki a decade on?”. Each group made posters and gave presentations.

1) Let's imagine the future where the ILC is a reality

Amanda Wayama of Iwate Prefectural Government, Office of International Affairs, lectured on the necessity of a multicultural society that functions to make the city livable for both locals and foreign residents.

2) Let’s think about community development

Students divided into 30 groups, and imagined what the future would be like where the ILC is operating and thought amongst themselves, ‘what can we do in the future?’. Ichinoseki City staff were available to discuss and answer questions on community/town planning.

3) Let’s present our thoughts on the future of the area

Each group created a poster which conveyed the contents of their discussions and then made a presentation about them. By thinking about town planning, not only were the students able to think about the future, they were given the chance to investigate the current situation of their city and rediscover the charms of the area.

Here are some of the posters

To gain a better understanding of the town planning of a research city, students interviewed staff at Tsukuba City Hall.
Trial mochi cuisine created to be enjoyed by a foreign palette.
Town development enriched by network services.

Pick Up News

Ichinoseki Science café 4

The fourth Ichinoseki Science Café this year was held at Ichinoseki Library on January 26th. Professor Junichiro Kawaguchi, Senior Fellow at JAXA, gave a lecture titled "The Adventure of the Asteroid Probe, Hayabusa ~ All about the Hayabusa Project". After the lecture, participants partook in a Q and A with Prof. Kawaguchi.

Special ILC classes for junior high school

Throughout January and February, junior high school students across the city had lessons from guest lecturer Masakazu Kurata from KEK about the importance of the ILC. He also walked them through an experiment.

Student submits petition

On February 21st, Ryota Konno, a sophomore of Tohoku University, submitted a petition for the realization of the ILC with 5,664 signatures to the Chairman of the House of Representatives the Hon. Takeo Kawamura at the assembly of Federation of Diet Members for the ILC. Hironobu Asari, sophomore of Iwate Medical University founded the petition back in March 2017 with his classmates.

Residents assemble – Aspiring to realize the ILC

On January 31st, an enthusiastic group of residents spanning over 17 organizations in agriculture, commerce and industry in the Ichinoseki/Hiraizumi area, established an association to encourage the government’s intention to support the ILC.

News Clippings

Expectation of the Japanese government to express its intention by March 7

The Non-partisan Federation of Diet Members for the ILC held a general meeting within the National Assembly on December 7th. Director of the Linear Collider Collaboration, Lyn Evans, was present at the General Assembly and stated that "the international conferences will be held in Tokyo on March 7th. It is extremely important for the Japanese government to express its intention to start international negotiations by that time" (*translation of Lyn Evans words, not a direct quote).

The Science Council of Japan submits a response to MEXT

The Science Council of Japan, members of which were requested to deliberate for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), submitted a revised plan of the International Linear Collider Project on December 19th. The findings were that the government should proceed with caution when making a decision on inviting the ILC to Japan.

Requests to Government

On December 21st, the Tohoku ILC Promotion Council requested to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Cabinet Office and the Liberal Democratic Party that the Japanese government begin international negotiations at an early stage. The mayor of Ichinoseki participated as a cooperative association member.

Briefing on the current status of the ILC

On January 10th, the Ichinoseki Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a briefing seminar on the current status of the ILC. Professor Satoru Yamashita (professor at ICEPP, University of Tokyo) lectured on the topic "the ILC Now".

The prefectural council holds an ILC lecture and meeting

The Iwate Prefectural ILC Promotion Council held a lecture and meeting on February 7th. Director of the Tohoku ILC Preparation Office, Atsuto Suzuki (President of Iwate Prefectural University) and Professor emeritus of KEK Masakazu Yoshioka, lectured on the present international situation relating to the ILC.

ILC Promotion Event

Panel exhibitions and VR experiences were used to promote the ILC at events in the city; on December 9th at the ‘Ichinoseki National Institute of Technology Robotics Contest and the World of 3D Printers 2018’ and on February 20th, ‘The 13th Corporate Information Exchange in Ichinoseki’ .

Commencement of a manga series based on the ILC

Manga artist Kenshi Hirokane who is also a member of the 100-person Committee for the ILC, drew up a story on the ILC in his manga "Chairman Shima Kōsaku". The manga is serialized in a weekly manga magazine.

ILC Promotion Model Schools announce results

On February 19th, six of the eight ILC Promotion Model Schools which aim for the development of human resources for the ILC, had an exchange session conducted by Iwate Prefecture and presented relating to the activities of their schools.

What brought you to Ichinoseki?

Dinh Van Tien (24) from Vietnam
Hobbies: volleyball, karaoke, listening to music
Favorite spot: Chusonji
Favorite event: Iwai River Fireworks Festival
A strong desire to work in Japan is what brought Tien to Ichinoseki as a technical intern in August 2017. “Everyone is kind and supportive” he said with a smile. He studies Japanese every day so that he will be able to speak to as many Japanese people as possible. He has enjoyed many summer festivals in Ichinoseki and was impressed by the delicious beer and beautiful yukatas. He was also excited to experience snow for the first time and hopes to explore more of Japan in the future.

Bell’s Work

Heat up Iwate, an event to encourage Iwate Prefecture from Tokyo, was held On February 9th. At this event, a guest from KEK gave a lecture on the ILC. A talk by three foreign residents (including myself) was conducted on topics such as what brought us to Iwate and what it’s like living in Iwate. We also had a booth with a VR experience where we introduced the ILC to many passersby.


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