City hall and branch locations, opening hours / 市役所の場所と開庁時間

The city office and each of its branches (addresses and phone numbers below) are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.15pm*, but are closed on national holidays and the year-end holidays.

*The Civic Division and a few other divisions in the city office and each of its branches have extended opening hours every Monday (next day if a national holiday), staying open until 7pm. Main services provided in these extended hours are:
・notification of change of residence or family register; issuance of residence certificates or official copies of family register; registering of personal seals (‘inkan’ in Japanese) and issuing of said certificates
・notification and consultation regarding National Health Insurance and National Pension
・issuance of income and other certificates; payment of and consultation regarding city taxes
・notification and consultation regarding child welfare

Note that necessary documentation depends on the notification, so please check beforehand.

City hall and branch details

Ichinoseki City Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, takeyama-cho 7-2
Tel: 0191-21-2111

Hanaizumi Branch Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, hanaizumi-cho, wakutsu-aza, ichinomachi 29
Tel: 0191-82-2211

Daito Branch Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, daito-cho, oohara-aza, kawauchi 41-2
Tel: 0191-72-2111

Senmaya Branch Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, senmaya-cho, senmaya-aza, kitakata 174
Tel: 0191-53-2111

Higashiyama Branch Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, higashiyama-cho, nagasaka-aza, nishimotomachi 105-1
Tel: 0191-47-2111

Murone Branch Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, murone-cho, orikabe-aza, hachiman oki 345
Tel: 0191-64-2111

Kawasaki Branch Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, kawasaki-cho, usuginu-aza, suwamae 137
Tel: 0191-43-2111

Fujisawa Branch Office
Address: Ichinoseki-shi, fujisawa-cho, fujisawa-aza, machiura 187
Tel: 0191-63-2111