Ichinoseki and the International Linear Collider / 一関市とILC

Walking or driving around Ichinoseki City, you might come across a banner or sign that has “ILC” written on it.
These are messages of support for something called the International Linear Collider (ILC), which would be the next big thing in fundamental particle physics if the project goes ahead.

Running some 50 kilometers underground from Oshu City to the north, through Ichinoseki City and down into Kesennuma City in neighboring Miyagi Prefecture, is a stable bed of high quality granite which is necessary for a low vibration environment to collide tiny particles together and analyze their collisions.

If the ILC is built, thousands of scientists, engineers and their families would move to the region from abroad, creating an academic and international society.
For more information on the ILC, check out Ichinoseki’s ILC website.