Below is a brief introdution of Ichinoseki's international exchange groups. 

The Ichinoseki International Association 

The Ichinoseki International Association was established on February 2nd, 2020, with the aim of fostering citizens' awareness of internationalization, deepening international understanding and contributing to the development of a multicultural society. The association is working on new endeavors while inheriting the activities of the former six groups. Feel free to apply at any time. For details, please refer to the pamphlet and application form.

Address: 4-29 Omachi, Ichinoseki City Nanohana Plaza 4th floor
Phone number: 0191-34-4711
Fax: 0191-34-4712
Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed on Thursdays, national holidays, 12 / 29-1 / 3
Supported languages: Japanese, English
*For other languages, a translation machine will aid in assistance.

Ichinoseki International Association Flyer [379KB pdfファイル] 

Ichinoseki International Association Application Form (GENERAL) [24KB docxファイル] 
Ichinoseki International Association Application Form (GROUP) [19KB docxファイル] 
Ichinoseki International Association Consultations [180KB pdfファイル]

The establishment of the Ichinoseki International Association

The establishment of the Ichinoseki International Association

The activities of Ichinoseki's previous international exchange groups ↓

Ichinoseki International Exchange Association/一関国際交流協会

The Ichinoseki International Exchange Association holds various kinds of seminars including Japanese and English lessons, and events for international exchange. Also carries out exchange with Austria, such as through its involvement in the Hiraizumi – Ichinoseki International Music Festival, at which the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra play.

国際交流フェスティバル レクイエムコンサート
Traditional dance at a festival for international exchange International Music Festival on the grounds of Chusonji Temple, one of the sites in neighboring Hiraizumi listed as world-heritage. Concert held this year on June 28.

Yuu no Kai/ゆうの会

“Yuu no Kai” holds Japanese language classes for foreigners, children and anyone in need of Japanese language support.
They hold events to introduce Japanese culture, and for foreign learners of Japanese to introduce food from their home country.
Yuu no Kai also hold workshops at schools, civic centers and so on to promote mutual understanding and a multi-cultural society.

日本語教室風景 4か国のお国めぐり
At a Japanese class At a class for elementary students about multi-cultural understanding

Higashiyama International Exchange Association/東山国際交流協会

The Higashiyama International Exchange Association holds various events for foreign residents, and carries out support for Nepal by co-operating with the Higashiyama UNESCO Association.

調理 食事会
At a cooking class for residents Chatting and eating!

Murone International Exchange Club/むろね国際交流クラブ

The Murone International Exchange Club holds various events for international exchange, including ones workshops about living in Murone, Halloween parties, cooking events for multi-cultural understanding, and so on.

日本語教室 ダミー
A Christmas Party for learners of Japanese  

Kawasaki 21st Century International Exchange Club/川崎21世紀国際交流クラブ

The Kawasaki 21st Century International Exchange Club holds various events for international exchange, including Japanese classes, food festivals, cherry blossom viewing parties, and Christmas parties.

日本語教室 ワールドフェスタ
At a Japanese class  At the2014 One World Festa in Kawasaki
お国自慢料理交流会 国際交流の集い
At a food festival  At an event for exchange

Ichinoseki-Hiraizumi Egypt-Luxor Friendship Association/一関・平泉地域エジプトルクソール友好協会

The Ichinoseki-Hiraizumi Egypt-Luxor Friendship Association carries out exchange with Egypt through seminars about Egypt and by group visits to the country. The Kitakami River, the fourth longest river in Japan and also flows through Ichinoseki, has formed a “sister river” agreement with the Nile River in Africa, which flows through Egypt.

エジプトを訪問 講演会開催
On a visit to Egypt At a seminar about world affairs and praying for peace

Fujisawa International Friendship Association

The Fujisawa International Friendship Association runs the annual home stay program on behalf of Ichinoseki City which sees junior high school students visit Ichinoseki’s sister city in Australia, the Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) in Queensland, and high school students from the CHRC come to do homestays in Ichinoseki.
The association also carries out an exchange program with Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest and most distinguished university in Vietnam. The program invites learners of Japanese at the university to visit Japan and Ichinoseki.
The association celebrated its 30th anniversary in November, 2013.

高校生訪問団 30年の歩み写真展
High school students from the CHRC with Mayor Osamu Katsube A photo exhibition held to celebrate the association’s 30th anniversary
30周年記念 ダミー
Party held to celebrate the 30th anniversary with guests from Australia and Vietnam