Emergency services / 火災・救急・災害

Please check the Iwate Prefecture website link below for detailed information on emergency services.

Emergency phone numbers

110 Police (reporting a crime or traffic accident)
119 To report a fire
119 To call for an ambulance

*If you are unsure of what to do, or what hospital is open etc, even if you are unsure whether or not it is an emergency, please don’t hesitate to call 119. Once you are at the hospital, charges will apply depending on procedure. When calling 119 in Ichinoseki and Hiraizumiin the event of an emergency, there is language support in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.

3-way Interpreting Service
If you do not feel comfortable using Japanese to express your situation when calling 119, say ‘nihongo dekimasen’ (I can’t speak Japanese) or, ‘English please’. The operator will then forward you to an interpreter who is stationed in Tokyo and interpret between you and the emergency service. Do not hangup when the emergency service putsyou on hold and you hear the words ‘shoshoomachikudasai’repeatedly. It may seem a little confusing for the first few seconds if you do not understand Japanese, but the operator knows to forward you to someone who can speak to you, so don’tworry. -Take note of your location: As communicating in a language other than Japanese takes twice as long, the emergency service aims to dispatch an ambulance straight away while on the phone with you. Please keep in mind that the interpreter will not be familiar with the Ichinoseki area, so be as specific as possible and speak clearly. 

This is the application that Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi use to communicate with foreign patients at the scene of an emergency. It has 15 different language options. One tip to make sure to get your point across is to speak clearly and precisely. If you say long sentences,the application can relay a confusing message. The questions that paramedics ask are often yes/no questions or multiple choice which can beseen in writing on the screen or heard through a speaker.

n order to prevent a fire from starting, it is important for each person to know how to handle fire and exercise caution.However, if a fire occurs, stay calm and report it by calling 119, and seek help from your neighbors or people nearby.Information on disasters such as fires can be confirmed via telephone service (TEL: 0180991199) or by Ichinoseki Mail (to register go to https://www.city.ichinoseki.iwate.jp/syobo)

●Saving lives/命を救うために
When calling 119, it is important to convey to the operator:
・the location of the fire (eg. a specific address or the nearest landmark)
・the cause (to the best of your knowledge)
・the current situation (such as the conditions of those affected or of the surrounding area)
・how many people are injured

It’s said that brain cells begin to die about three minutes after a person stops breathing and their heart stops beating. After this amount of time, the chances of recovering are significantly less. The average time for an ambulance to reach its destination in Ichinoseki is about ten minutes.During this time, first-aid procedures performed by people in the vicinity have the potential to save lives. Please take note of these procedures to aid family, friends and others nearby in an emergency

110 警察(犯罪通報)
119 火災
119 救急車