Emergency services / 火災・救急・災害

Please check the Iwate Prefecture website link below for detailed information on emergency services.

Emergency phone numbers

110 Police (reporting a crime or traffic accident)
119 To report a fire
119 To call for an ambulance

If a fire starts, don’t attempt to put it out by yourself, however small it may be. Call 119 and ask for the help of neighbors.

●Saving lives/命を救うために
When calling 119, convey:
・the address and nearby landmarks etc so that the location is easily understood
・what happened
・the current state of the situation (is the person breathing etc)
・how many people are injured

It’s said that brain cells begin to die about three to five minutes after a person stops breathing and their heart stops beating, after which a return to a normal lifestyle is considered unlikely.
The average time for an ambulance to reach its destination in Ichinoseki is about ten minutes.
During this time, first-aid procedures by people in the vicinity contribute to saving lives.
Please learn these procedures to save family, friends and others nearby should they be in need.

110 警察(犯罪通報)
119 火災
119 救急車