Garbage and recycling / ごみ収集

Ichinoseki has released a free app in English to make garbage seperation easier to understand! For more information,
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Print outs

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Garbage disposal table

Large-sized garbage

Large-sized garbage (garbage that cannot be placed into a designated bag) cannot be put out. There are large-sized garbage collection days as well as disposal centers (A fee will be charged.) For details, please refer to the disposal manual which can be picked up the Lifestyle and Environment Division (Japanese ver. only).

粗大ごみ(指定ごみ袋に入らないもの)は、集積所 に出すことができません。粗大ごみや収集日以外に ごみを出す場合は、清掃センターに持ち込んでください。(手数料がかかります。)  詳しくは配布した「ごみの分け方・出し方テキスト」 を確認してください。

How to dispose of home appliances

Appliances are not treated as garbage, so they cannot be put out for collection or taken to disposal centers. These include household TVs, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers and air conditioners. For details, please check the disposal manual.

家庭用のテレビ(液晶・プラズマ式、ブラウン管式 の全てのテレビ)、冷蔵庫(冷凍庫を含む)、洗濯機 (衣類乾燥機を含む)、エアコンは、ごみとして処理 できないため、集積所に出すことも清掃センターに持ち込むこともできません。  詳しくは配布した「ごみの分け方・出し方テキスト」 を確認してください

How to dispose of small household electric appliances

Appliances such as mobile phones and digital cameras, are to be placed in collection boxes installed at Ichinoseki City Hall and branch offices, the civic center, Ichinoseki library, gymnasiums and disposal centers. As there are restrictions on the type of item and size, please contact the cleaning center or city hall’s Lifestyle and Environment Division or Civic Division.

携帯電話やデジタルカメラなどの小型家電は、市役 所(本庁、支所)、市民センター、一関図書館、一関市 総合体育館や清掃センターに設置している回収ボックスに出すことができます。  対象品目や大きさに制限がありますので、詳しくは 各清掃センター、本庁生活環境課又は各支
所市民課 にお問い合わせください。


Resource Recovery

Reimbursementsare given to organizations that have collected recyclables (resource recovery) aluminum cans, steel cans, newspapers, PET bottles, cardboard, magazines, cartons and bottles. For details please contact the Lifestyle and Environment Division within city hall.



Ichinoseki City Garbage Bag

Ichinoseki has one type of garbage bag for all the types of household garbage. It's green and is sold either in a roll or in folded up in plastic bags. They can be purchased in various shops in Ichinoseki such as at grocery stores, pharmacies and home centers.
Ichinoseki Garbage Bag