Taxes / 税金

●Number of taxes/市税の種類
A number of taxes are administered by the city, including municipal tax, property tax, and the light motor vehicle tax.

●Municipal tax/市民税
This tax is paid by people who reside in Ichinoseki City (as of January 1) and who earned income in the previous year. Payments are due in June, August, October and January.

●Property tax/固定資産税
This tax is paid by owners (as of January 1) of fixed property in the city, such as land and housing. The rate in Ichinoseki City is 1.4 percent, in line with the applicable regional law. Payments are due in April, July, December and February.

●Light motor vehicle tax/軽自動車税
This tax is paid by owners (as of April 1) of light motor vehicles, motorized bicycles, and so on. It is due by the end of May each year.

Please notify the city office when disposing of a car, ownership changes, or moving out of Ichinoseki.

●Payment of taxes/納税は便利な口座振替で
Payment can be made any time at banks, post offices and other institutions in the city. It is also possible to have the payments automatically deducted from your bank account.