Disaster preparedness / 防災

Evacuation sites (避難場所) and Evacuation Shelters (避難所) in Ichinoseki

[Important]  Evacuation sites (hinanbasho) and evacuation shelters (hinanjo) have different purposes! Evacuation sites are places or facilities to escape to when you feel that you may be in danger. Meanwhile, evacuation shelters are for those who are unable to return home (for example, because their home has been damaged) once the danger has subsided.

[Evacuation Sites] Specified emergency evacuation areas: if you feel that your life may be in danger, these are the places to escape to first. Please make sure to check what type of disaster each location is prepared to handle (please check MyMaps and link below).
Designated evacuation shelters: The core evacuation centers in an area. These are coordinated by neighborhood evacuation centers. City officials, facility managers, and voluntary disaster prevention organizations cooperate to manage them.
These are the evacuation sites and shelters in the case of large scale emergencies

Ichinoseki Evacuation Map (official)
Evacuation Map Legend [204KB pngファイル] 
Evacuation Map Legend (detailed) [230KB pngファイル] 

Google MyMaps of Ichinoseki Evacuation Sites
Updated April 2021) 
 Each evacuation site has information on what kind of disaster it is designed for either flooding, landslide (sediment) or earthquake. Please also make sure to check the most up to date information on the Ichinoseki City website, and on Ichinoseki
 City's official Twitter. To check for the safest routes, check the Ichinoseki Evacuation Map (Official) linked above. 

[PDF of all evacuation sites and shelters in Ichinoseki]

How to get disaster information
Information on evacuations etc, is announced using outdoor loud speakers located throughout the city, ‘Ichinoseki Mail’, ‘FM ASMO(79.5MHz) Dedicated Radio (Ichinoseki Disaster Radio You can get a free disaster radio if you are an Ichinoseki resident. This radio can only broadcast FM ASMO and has an On/Off switch. It will automatically switch on and broadcast any important information regarding a disaster such as evacuation orders)’ and ‘Emergency Email’. However, for example, the outdoor loud speakers cannot be heard indoors when it’s windy and rainy; and emergency e-mails cannot be received on some mobile phones. ‘FM ASMO Dedicated Radio’ is the most reliable way of receiving information. (Other good resources include the City Homepage, Official City Twitter Feed, and Official City Facebook these resources are all in Japanese)

Ichinoseki Mail
Register for Ichinoseki Mailwhich includes
Information on disaster occurrence such as fire and rescue
Outdoor public relations ‘mast’ broadcast content
Crime prevention and consumer protection
Event information.
You can also receive information from Ichinoseki Mail onthe smartphone app @InfoCanal
Please check the city fire department headquarters homepage for details such as how to set it up.

Ichinoseki Bosai

Please check the Iwate Prefecture website link for more on emergency services disaster preparedness.